Weekly Link Roundup 1

I know some blogs I follow have this as somewhat filler, so I’m giving it a shot. Hopefully I stick with it frequently and do it every week. If anything, it might benefit my journalism classes considering my professor adds general news segments on his quizzes.


The new 2015 AP Style added and made some changes, like adding “meme” and writing BLT as first reference.

6 Differences between Digital and Print Journalism—same difference, right? Depends.

News, Features & Essays:

Anybody remembers MTV’s Spring Break era? Gawker made a timeline of that provocative-for-its-time seasonal segment from the ’90s until early 2000s. Let the nostalgia roll.

Not gonna lie, but this compilation of teens freaking out about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction made me laugh so hard. Hang in there, tweens of the world.

New Sailor Moon clothes for sophisticated adults are on sale in collaboration with Isetan department store. Too bad I skipped out on visiting Shinjuku during my trip (of course, not being there period is just as sad).

Engineer has to sell his home after two months because of Comcast’s lies. This scares me because it’s another “Comcast horror story” out to the masses and how much of a monopoly they have in America. Save the Internet.

Puerto Rico drops opposition on gay marriage—small news brief about a huge step forward in my home country.

[SPANISH] Alexandra Lúgaro and cardboard feminism—an interesting, critical essay on the local public’s misogynistic commentary on the first female governor candidate for the Independent party in Puerto Rico.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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