New Goals and Other News

After a long hiatus with the blog portion of my portfolio website, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and utilize it for my own benefits. Basically, I’m pledging to use this blog outlet for starting critical essays, behind-the-scene posts on several projects, and being brutally honest with myself.

First, I’m traveling to Puerto Rico for spring break next week and while I’m excited to show my husband the beauty that is “La Isla del Encanto,” I’m nervous about some things. Sadly, I am traveling back after 6-7 years due to a family emergency so that is top priority and I pray everything turns out well for our family’s sake. Another is my distant connection with political events and culture back in Puerto Rico, considering I’ve been engrossed with U.S. media, politics and pop culture. Granted, that was always the case when I was growing up in Puerto Rico but now there is a concrete sense of detachment. I hope I don’t make a fool of myself when it comes to deep conversations or even messing up the irregular verbs when placing a food order (Spanish verbs have always been my weakness).

Once I’m in Puerto Rico for my visit, I need to start doing two crucial things: write more and read more. My abuela’s house doesn’t have Internet access, so I will go old-school and carry a journal so I can write down anything and everything I see, feel, and think. I want to jot down my husband’s reactions as we drive to the other side of the island and marvel at the beaches, scribble my thoughts on why a good old-fashioned Puerto Rican bakery’s mallorca bread is ten times better than the Starbucks counterpart, vent on any possible micro-aggressions I might come across during my stay because of multiple reasons. As far as reading more, I will stock up on books I bought last year that were finally unpacked after our third move (long story). I’m also on the hunt for Spanish-language books while I’m there so I can brush up on my already-weak-as-fuck Spanish reading comprehension. I mean, the brain is a muscle so if I warm up reading in Spanish, I can practice writing in Spanish, get better at both and expand my horizons career-wise. TA-DA!

After my trip, I will edit my journal entries and post them here alongside accompanying photos and videos. Almost forgot to mention: I want to incorporate video in some form during our trip so I’ve been studying some travel YouTube channels I follow as far as how they edit and produce travel content. Not that I’m aiming for a travel channel per-se (though it would be perfect and I won’t knock the idea down), but I’ve been itching to create a YouTube channel out of all my adventures just for fun. So with this opportunity happening, why not take advantage of it?

That’s all I have to say as far as an update and I hope I can find a sense of direction on both my website’s blog and also my life—as cheesy as that sounds.

Thanks for reading.


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