2016 Mid-Year Resolutions

Can’t believe I’m saying this cliché phrase but this year is passing by so quick. To double down on the cliché aspect, I’m typing this blog post outside a Panera Bread because I wanted to get out of the house and feel like a “real freelance writer,” whatever that means. I wrote down an updated new year’s resolutions list before summer ends about my goals for the rest of 2016, in no particular order.

  1. < b > learn to code < / b >: This is somewhat new to me as far as adding it under “list of new things I want to try/learn/do,etc.” With the journalism industry shifting toward digital media, I’m starting to figure out that coding is essential and I need to learn it as soon as possible. I signed up on Code Academy back in 2014 but barely checked in after I made my account. Like 90% of my reasons for not starting anything, I get intimidated and my anxiety builds up if I mess up on even the tiniest detail that might go unnoticed if I didn’t amplify it with my paranoia. Anyways, my goal is to do the Code Academy exercises as a beginner course and when I become more confident, go out to local meet-ups and learn more advanced techniques. Who knows, maybe I’ll build a new website from scratch.
  2. #SideHustle: Okay, so in my case my day job is my side hustle of being a freelancer, but that’s why I’m adding it to the list because it shouldn’t stop me from exceeding the limits of my potential. Basically, my side hustle consists of developing side projects such as a podcast and video series in the works so I can expand my portfolio clips, highlight my versatility as a journalist and most important—for me at least—to have fun doing what I love and share stories of what’s happening inside my community and the outside world out of my reach. I’ll definitely make an update post when said projects are finally live so stay tuned.
  3. Big Buff Cheeto Puff: I couldn’t resist adding a “Steven Universe” reference with this resolution (also, new “Steven Universe” coming soon yay!). Anyway, this one is all about getting fit and toned for the remainder of the year. I’m excited to start going back to the gym with my best friend and start setting up a routine of meal prepping, gym workouts, and fun activities like swimming while it’s still summer. It’s something I need to get back into since my Pilates class ended (took it as a class elective last spring semester) and so I want to keep incorporating those Pilates workouts with gym benefits of using their weight and cardio equipment.
  4. One more year: Based on my records and my university advising appointment, I have one more year left and then I’m finally done with college and will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree August 2017. This is on the list because last year, I made the unfortunate choice to withdraw some classes and ended up failing some too because of how understaffed we were at the campus office. Ever since I started college, I’ve always prioritize work over school because I need to pay my bills and make sure I don’t have any negative numbers in my bank account. Now, since all I’m missing are my core journalism classes and a language course, I just need to pass them no matter what because I refuse to delay my graduation date any longer. All I have to do is keep myself accountable of class assignments, attendance and…actually try to study…? Yeah, that’s it.
  5. Write [online] more: This one is tricky because I’m proud of myself for starting to write more in comparison to last year. However most of it is done using the old-school method of writing down my thoughts and ideas on my notebook. It’s a form of therapy for me and also a way to keep track of my concepts for my side projects, ideas for future pitches, or even jotting down what I did or felt that day. But I know that just because I’m writing more on my notebooks, doesn’t mean I should neglect this blog or have less work published online. I guess this goes back to the anxiety and intimidation feelings because I feel it’s more permanent having something published online. More pressure to produce and write seamless copy and prose. More eyes to read your thoughts by doing a simple Google search. It’s one thing to write and report on a hard news or features story, another to press the “publish” button on your own personal essays and thoughts about my life. Hopefully I’ll do better this year.

That’s it for my mid-year resolution list. I guess now that’s it out, I can be held responsible on whether or not I accomplish it all by the time December 31st comes around. What are your mid-year resolutions for 2016? Have you stuck with the New Near’s resolutions you made on January 1st? Let me know below the comments. Take care.



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