The State Newspaper

Hear the 911 call that led to arrests of former Clemson football players: A visual look at the 911 call made regarding former Clemson University football players who were accused of robbing a former teammate and a current Tigers player while he was at practice.

Palmetto Health officials give update on victims on Amtrak crash outside of Cayce, SC: Breaking news mobile video of Dr. Steve Shelton’s press conference inside Palmetto Health regarding the victims that were ushered in the hospital after the Amtrak train crash that occurred on Feb. 4, 2018 in Cayce, SC.

See the crowds, signs from Columbia’s March For Our Lives movement: A photo gallery slideshow video about the thousands of people in Columbia, SC that gathered at the State House during the nationwide March For Our Lives protest rally that took place on March 24, 2018.

What to know about the arrest of Morgan Roof, sister of Dylann Roof: An explainer video about Morgan Roof, younger sister of Dylann Roof, who was arrested on March 15, 2018 for simple drug and weapon possession inside school grounds. Prior to the arrest, she made a racially-driven social media post that alarmed the student body at A.C. Flora High School in Richland County.

What ‘Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act’ could mean for SC’s LGBT rights: An explainer video about how Republican lawmakers in South Carolina introduced a bill on Feb. 15, 2018 dubbed “The Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act” in order to identify same-sex marriage as “parody marriage.

Zion Williamson soars through the air during his high school years: A highlights compilation video about Zion Williamson, a basketball prodigy from Spartanburg, SC, showcasing his high school athlete period before he made the big decision of choosing Duke University for his college career.

Huffington Post

No USA, You Can’t Claim Monica Puig’s Puerto Rico Gold Win as Your Own: Personal essay on my thoughts about Puig’s historic tennis gold win for Puerto Rico in the Olympics and the toxic language of how “USA should claim/count” the win as their own.

WLRN 91.3 FM

Speakfridays Ten-year anniversary coverage: Multimedia coverage of a cultural open-mic venue located in Wynwood, that celebrated its ten-year anniversary. I spent all Memorial Day weekend conducting interviews, filming video footage, taking photos and editing the sound bites along with the script, online article and accompanying video.

South Florida Gay News

Being LGBT in the South Florida Fighting Game Community: Community profile piece on two local and prominent eSports players (Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter,etc.) who are LGBT and their goals of keeping their high-ranks while the FGC scene embraces LGBT diversity of its players.

Cheers Luv! The Cavalry’s Queer: Overwatch’s LGBT themes influence the fandom and its story: Editorial feature on the phenomenon of same-sex shipping and LGBT elements regarding Blizzard’s latest award-winning game “Overwatch” within the fandom and its creators.

OUTCon Miami is bringing Florida’s first LGBT anime convention: Hybrid profile and feature preview with the organizer of OUTCon Miami and how his experiences in the community inspired him to create Florida’s first LGBT-oriented anime and fandom convention.

SFGN’s Best of 2015 Special Issue: Annual special issue highlighting the reader’s choice of winners for LGBT-based businesses, events, and more. I covered four winners in the following categories: Best Pizza (Miami-Dade County), Best Shopping Destination, Best Movie Theater, and Best Coffee Shop (Broward County).


J-WORLD Tokyo Indoor Theme Park: Travel feature based on my experience attending a new indoor theme park of Shonen JUMP characters.


Legend Studio reveals Sailor Moon S figure preview: Article announces new and upcoming Sailor Moon figure with photos from Legend Studios.

Portraits of Chibi Pirates: One Piece figures up for pre-order: Quick pre-order feature on new figure sets from popular anime “One Piece,” complete with various affiliated links for said pre-order.

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: MegaHouse Tsukino Usagi schoolgirl uniform: Breaking news brief on new Sailor Moon figures from coveted toy/figurine convention in Japan. Managing editor provided the photos and information prior to publishing.


Japan profile—Study Abroad special issue (2014): Original feature print story written and published on Sept. 2014. Interviewed study abroad students who attended FAU’s summer program at Fukuoka, Japan. Also wrote a travel guide and history of Japan.

Breaking Neutral Ground (2015): Original hard news print story written and published on Jan. 2015.  Story criticizes university’s administration for lack of convenient maps and information of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.

Late Withdrawal Policy (2015): Online news update from second faculty senate meeting held in spring 2015 semester. Covered the meeting, asked questions during open forum segment, took my own photos and wrote the captions.

Owl Radio News Episode 3 (2015): Live radio broadcast for one-hour news segment coordinated by Owl Radio’s station manager. Discussed follow up on gender-neutral restroom discrimination story, segment starts at 5:30 minute marker.

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