Lynnette Cantos is a multimedia journalist, creative Latina, and all-around geek.

Born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, she resides in Orlando, Fla., and has been living in The Sunshine State for over a decade (with temporary stops in Virginia and South Carolina.).

Since 2014, Lynnette has written, produced and published numerous articles and videos for local and national media outlets with a focus on storytelling, alongside optimizing best social media practices for corresponding accounts through Twitter, YouTube and Meta platforms. She’s achieved this by combining her skill sets to innovate ways to reach audiences in a variety of professional settings.

After graduating with a master’s degree in Social Media Marketing from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications Online program, she’s seeking full-time employment within digital marketing, journalism, public relations, or video production fields. At the moment, Lynnette’s a freelance copywriter and a social media consultant for a Seattle-based indie video game company.

Most recently, Lynnette was a digital content producer at the Orlando Sentinel where she worked closely with the newsroom’s audience engagement team in managing Orlando Sentinel’s website and social media accounts. Highlights include writing breaking news stories during night and weekend shifts, posting frequent coronavirus updates during the first 18 months of the global pandemic, and conducting various training sessions on Orlando Sentinel operations to new digital producer hires and interns—which was the most rewarding experience of her professional life, in helping journalism students gain hands-on experience and knowledge of digital news practices.

As part of the Orlando Bloggers Union, Lynnette has presented two workshop panels on video content production, and later became an appointed board member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) Central Florida chapter, where she served as chapter secretary (2021-2022), treasurer (2020-2021) and social media coordinator (2019-2020). Her time as an elected NAHJ board member solidified the importance of having diverse representation in media, where Lynnette made sure to foster a welcoming environment at our Central Florida chapter events and embrace the organization’s mission of having #MoreLatinosInNews.

In her spare time, she enjoys bullet journaling, playing rhythm games, riding various attractions at both Universal Studios and Walt Disney World (yes, she takes advantage of living in the theme park capital of the U.S.), walking our dog Anime around the neighborhood, and spending quality time with friends and family exploring Central Florida and beyond.